So how did this get started? Well, let’s go back to 2002. You remember, American Idol just started, everyone was frosting their tips like Eminem (or maybe that was just me), low-rise jeans were “omg so hot”, and Kelly Rowland was somehow texting Nelly via an Excel spreadsheet (still trying to learn that trick). I really just wanted an excuse to reminisce about 2002, but that was when I first dabbled in the ‘partay’ scene.


Fast-forward to 2005 (college!), and I’m living in a 3 story absolute mess of a house where windows were optional (but hey rent was less than $300/month). Anyway, $300 was a lot back then so I basically just started throwing parties to pay the rent. You know the deal, $5 cover for guys, kegs on kegs, jungle juice, and those annoying Freshman guys that would come 30 minutes early to eat all of the jello shots (they’re for the girls, broseph).


I then dabbled in the corporate world briefly and eventually became a full-time entrepreneur in Charleston in 2013. I met a lot of people and started throwing parties in Charleston as a side hustle. Started traveling more, met some MORE people, (there are so many of them!), and decided to take it up a notch by running events in multiple cities. Charleston, St Pete, and Tampa for now, but eventually planning on throwing events internationally!